Tour of European best-practice renovations

Come with us on a virtual tour of best-practice renovations of historic buildings! You can navigate through three different “EnerCulTours”, each of them dedicated to a specific theme:

  • Farmhouses in South Tyrol (red route): Explore how the historic value and charm of an old farmhouse can be preserved and transferred to today’s quality of living.
  • Solar energy in alpine historic buildings (green route): Explore solutions for photovoltaic or solar thermal systems integrated into the envelope of historic buildings.
  • Industry, trade, and education buildings in Europe tour (blue route): Explore historic buildings once used for a particular purpose and see how they were given a new life.

Click on a building and read about its construction type, protection level, age, area and use as well as the refurbishment solutions adopted.

You can choose the layers to be displayed by clicking on the icon at the upper-left corner of the map.

The documentation is provided by the HiBERatlas, the best-practice database of exemplary energy efficient interventions in historic buildings.