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Evaluation of a retrofitted heritage building in downtown Cairo as a best-practice example

Authors: H S S Ibrahim (1), (2), A Z Khan (1), M Attiya (3) and Y Serag (2)

  1. Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism Lab, Department of Building, Architecture & Town Planning (BATir), Free University of Brussels/ Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB),1050 Brussels, Belgium
  2. Department of Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Future University in Egypt (FUE), 11835 Cairo, Egypt


Energy retrofitting standards and guidelines, together with benefitting from best existing experiences,are effective in retrofitting heritage buildings towards low-carbon emissions. In Downtown Cairo, many heritage buildings are exposed to adaptive reuse practices, after moving to the ‘New Administrative Capital’. Integrating energy saving in said practices has become a crucial aspect.Therefore, the aim of this study is to evaluate a recent retrofitted heritage building called ‘La Viennoise’ as an example of best practice for retrofitting processes in Downtown Cairo. The study carried out afield survey for data gathering. A monitoring-based simulation model was created and calibrated, and the building envelope and energy use were evaluated. The simulation results are presented into two cases. The first includes the original state as a base case, showing a very low building envelope thermal performance. The second includes the current state as an improved case. A comparison of both cases shows that the implemented retrofitting scenarios in the case study effectively improved its building envelope and reduced annual energy consumption, and CO2emissions.This paper allows further benefit from such example by setting a retrofitting guideline to expand this concept in other buildings with similar conditions to achieve a low carbon-built heritage.

Keywords: Building envelope; energy use; energy retrofitting; field measurements; ‘La Viennoise’ building; Khedivial Cairo

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