Paper 410

Assessment of Void Insulation Panels for innovative thermal insulation of apartments in heritage buildings

Authors: J Borderon (1), A Gabillat (2), E Héberlé (1) and J Latorre (2)

  1. Center for studies and expertise on risks, environment, mobility and urban and country planning (Cerema), Strasbourg, France
  2. Pouget Consultants, 84 rue Marcadet, Paris, France


Void Insulation Panels (VIP) or Vacuum Insulation Panels are a technology that allows a sufficient thermal resistance for walls, floor or roof with a small thickness. The solution is more expensive than traditional ones but in historic centres of large cities with high value apartments,it could be an innovative solution for improving thermal comfort and reducing energy consumption. Different configurations of insulation with VIP in historical buildings in Bordeaux and Paris, two of the most expensive cities in France,are studied. The results show a great interest but moisture risk, especially in Bordeaux where the climate is wet due to the Atlantic coast. Special care for the thermal bridges and for the plaster hourdis between the beams of the floor are needed and the vapour barrier has to be continuous on top of the VIP complex plus insulation filler.

Keywords: Innovative thermal insulation; hygrothermal risks; void insulation panels; vacuum insulation panels; attics

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