Paper 334

CasaClima R: a protocol for energy refurbishment supported by verification tools

Authors: C Dolzani (1), M Bancher (1), I M Brauer (1) and U Klammsteiner (1)

  1. Agenzia per l’Energia Alto Adige –CasaClima, Via Alessandro Volta 13A Bolzano/Bozen


This paper presents a reproducible framework for the energy refurbishment of existing buildings. It is constituted by the CasaClima R protocol, a certification procedure described by the “Technical Directive CasaClima R” and aimed at exploiting the energy potential of buildings on a case-by-case basis.Some verification tools support the protocol in order to avoid errors occurring during the planning and construction phase, that could lead to damages of the building ́s substance and could cause problems to the health and well-being of the occupants.The implementation and application methods of all framework components and possible future developments will be described, considering the great wealth of historical buildings in Italy and Europe and the great potential for energy savings that can be achieved.

Keywords: design tool,certification scheme,energy requalification, hygrothermal analysis, tools

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