Paper 427

Deep renovation of an old single-family house including application of an water repellent agent – a case story

Authors: E J de Place Hansen (1), T K Hansen (1) and V Soulios (1)

  1. BUILD – Dept. of the Built Environment, Aalborg University, A.C. Meyers Vaenge 15, Copenhagen 2450 SV, Denmark


The 145 year old rural case building presented in this paper has undergone a deep renovation including internal insulation of the external walls to reduce the heat loss and improve the indoor thermal comfort. The internal insulation was a PUR-based insulation with channels of calcium silicate, experiencing to some extent capillary active behaviour. Sensors were installed between the existing wall and the internal insulation to monitor the development of hygrothermal conditions. The external façade was later hydrophobized with a water repellent agent to minimize the wind driven rain load. Measurements show that it takes time to get rid of the built-in moisture due to the application of internal insulation, however the moisture content expressed in relative humidity is slowly decreasing, although still high about two years after hydrophobizing the wall. Simulations show that the order of hydrophobizing the wall and applying internal insulation is important to promote drying of the wall.

Keywords: Deep renovation; historic building; internal insulation; hydrophobization.

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