Paper 361

Strategies and tools for potential assessment of Renewables (RES) in Alpine Space areas valid for historic buildings and sites.

Authors: C S Polo López (1), A M Bettini (1), A Khoja (2), A M Davis (2), T Hatt (3), M Braun (3), M Kristan (4), J Podgornik (4), F Haas (5)

  1. University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), Via Francesco Catenazzi 23, CH-6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland
  2. Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), Karlstrasse 6,80333 Munich, Germany
  3. Energieinstitut Vorarlberg, CAMPUS V, Stadtstraße 33, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria
  4. Posoški razvojni center, Soča Valley Development Centre, 5220 Tolmin, Slovenia
  5. European Academy Bozen, Drususallee 1, 39100 Bozen, Italy


Within the framework of ATLAS research project (Interreg Alpine Space Programme 2014-2020. ID: ASP644) experts of different countries of the Alpine arc studied and compared the measures implemented in the various countries to strengthen and further promote the implementation of renewable energies at the local level. This study highlights those strategies and existing tools for potential assessment of renewables taking into account the applicability for historic buildings, pointing out similarities and differences as model reference between the different territorial areas. The work aims to disseminate and capitalize on the best practical experiences on the topic, and to engage as many stakeholders as possible for a wider implementation of renewable energies in the territory of the Alpine arc. Direct examples of implementation at regional and local level to exploit RES while preserving the authenticity of historic buildings and settlements to be protected in the different countries and regional areas of Alpine Region are shown exploiting their full potential with practical advice for model regions.

Keywords: Renewable Energy Sources (RES); building heritage; sustainable cities and communities; affordable and clean energy

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