Paper 355

Prioritize the right energy and power measures in culturally valuable buildings – apporach and measure selection

Authors: D Johansson (1), A Abdul Hamid (2), H Bagge (2), P Eriksson (3), K Farsäter (1), V Fransson (1) and J Kristoffersson (4)

  1. Building Services, Lund University, Lund, Sweden
  2. Building Services, Lund University, Lund, Sweden
  3. Conservation, Campus Gotland, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
  4. Sustainable Innovation, Stockholm, Sweden


The overall energy goals mean that more and more extensive measures need to be applied on buildings with varying degrees of heritage value. Previous studies show that there are a number of measures that have a beneficial impact on different parts of the energy system in historic buildings. What is now needed is a holistic approach that provides an opportunity to prioritize which measures are most important and should be combined. An ongoing research project is working on a method that will enable the reduction of energy and power needs for historic buildings on a larger scale by allowing different actors to choose optimal combinations of measures out of a number of important parameters. This paper identifies such parameters, as well as five cases for a future case study on combined measures. The effect of the implementation of various measures regarding both energy and power will be reviewed and interviews will be conducted with owners and managers of buildings to gather their quantitative and qualitative experiences regarding such measures. Finally, the most relevant energy measures are listed for further analysis in future simulation studies.

Keywords: Combined measures, energy power, LCA, LCC, heritage value

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