SBE21 Heritage proceedings now available

SBE21 Heritage (14-16 April 2021) has been challenging yet rewarding experience. Over the three days of the conference, 150 people connected from all over Europe and beyond to listen to the inspiring ideas of the 76 speakers who followed one another on the digital stage and to share their own views on the future of the built heritage. We are grateful for the enthusiasm you showed, and we are glad to have brought together a community so diverse in terms of professional background, but so determined in achieving a better and more sustainable future for all

The importance of dialogue and exchange has been highlighted in several occasions and across all the sessions. Although heritage is generally recognised as something be preserved, it is often not listed among the priorities of political agendas. It is our responsibility to turn the spotlight on this issue and reflect on the role of the built heritage in our changing climate and society.  

The proceedings of the conference are now accessible to all through the link:

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