Workshop - Felicity

Historic Buildings Retrofitting 4.0: The Potentials of Simplified Digital Twins in Low Carbon Retrofitting of Historic Buildings 

Retrofitting the heritage buildings (listed or not)  is a complex task due to legal, financial and technical barriers. The decision makers often lack a holistic view about the condition of the existing building stock in their jurisdiction, possible renovation options and the impact of the renovation actions on the overall sustainability performance of the building stock. Within the ATLAS research project, the FeliCity-ATLAS online tool was developed. The tool provides a simplified digital twin version of the built environment and allows the user to conduct an energy performance analysis at various spatial scales (single, or portfolio of buildings). In this Workshop we are going to present the FeliCity-ATLAS tool, have a hands-on testing of it and discuss its possible utilization in real life case studies.

Moderator: Ahmed Khoja - Hochschule München / University of Applied Sciences (HM)

Sat 00:00 - 00:00