Paper 344

Educating about sustainability in Cultural Heritage: an interdisciplinary approach

Authors: G. Franco (1)

  1. Architecture and Design Department, University of Genoa, Stradone S-Agostino, 37, 16124 Geno, Italy


The text briefly traces the educational objectives and methodologies adopted in a highly specialized course (post-Master programme)which for years has trained specialists in the field of conservation and restoration of the architectural monumental heritage, with particular attention to the improvement of energy efficiency and to the inclusion of devices powered by renewable energy sources, while preserving the main role of education in architectural and material conservation.It is quite a ‘pioneering’ experience, compared to its frame of reference, based on the mutual consideration of different specialisms and on an interdisciplinary concept of the work (by sharing objectives and languages by experts in scientific sciences and human sciences implement their own methodologies to achieve a common purpose). Further increased with research opportunities at national and international level, these experiences have led to an awareness of the key players in the process of conservation, a high-level training of technical specialists and to some valuable experiences, currently underway.

Keywords: Conservation; Inter-disciplinary; Specialisation; Energy Efficiency; Cultural Heritage.

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