Paper 395

The power from above – A novel church heating system

Authors: Tor Broström (1), and Magnus Wessberg (1)

  1. Uppsala University, Sweden


This paper presents a novel heating system for churches based on a combination of an air-to-air heat pump for conservation and bench heating and overhead radiators for comfort heating. The heating system was implemented in a church in southern Sweden. Initial assessments showed that this type of heating system could provide an acceptable comfort for visitors with a significantly reduced energy and power demand. At the same time preservation conditions improved. A second assessment, ten years after the installation, showed that the performance was not as good expected. This was partly due to leaving the intended mode of operation, partly due to a need for technical adjustments. To meet future challenges the rural churches in Sweden need affordable heating solutions both for conservation and comfort. The proposed heating system is a step in that direction but further technical refinement as needed as well better user support to manage a new and more complex type of heating system.

Keywords: church heating, comfort, conservation, radiation, conservation heating

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