Paper 443

Energy efficiency for a historic market: the case study of the Mercado del Val

Authors: J Antolín-Gutiérrez (1), S Álvarez-Díaz (1) and J Samaniego-Muñoz (1)

  1. CARTIF Technology Centre, Parque Tecnológico de Boecillo, Boecillo, 47151 Valladolid, Spain


Mercado del Val is an iron market located within the old town of Valladolid, Spain, whose construction was completed in 1882, being currently the oldest preserved market in the city. During the period 2013 –2017, the market was part of a FP7 European demonstration project, called CommONEnergy (Re-conceptualize shopping malls from consumerism to energy conservation) under grant agreement n° 608678, focused on the rehabilitation and energy efficiency improvement of shopping centres. The CommONEnergy project focused on improving the energy efficiency of the market was part of a new integral refurbishment project already planned for the market in 2013. Before the rehabilitation project of 2013, the market presented a decaying appearance. From 2013, the market was fully renovated by recovering a building representative of the architectural and commercial activity of the late 19thcentury, being respectful of its essence, but transforming it into an innovative building that responds to the commercial needs and potential of the 21stcentury. The inclusion of the market in the European project made possible to improve the building’s energy performance and indoor environmental conditions together with the satisfaction of vendors and customers.

Keywords: Energy efficiency, historic market, building renovation, European project

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