Innovation in materials, products, and systems with attention to hygrothermal performance

Chair: Marco Larcher

Co-chair: Eleonora Leonardi


  • 366 – Mauri, Sara
    High-performance materials and technological solutions to improve the thermal performance of historic buildings
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  • 392 – La Placa, Erica
    Plaster ventilated façade system for renovating modern and ancient buildings. A CFD analysis
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  • 400 – Rieser, Alexander
    Experimental measurement of materials’ drying coefficient for internal insulation: new approaches for laboratory testing
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  • 410 – Borderon, Julien
    Assessment of Void Insulation Panels for innovative thermal insulation of apartments in heritage buildings
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  • 440 – Avella, Francesca
    Indoor Air Quality Monitoring in a Historic School in South Tyrol, Italy
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Sat 00:00 - 00:00
Room A, T3 Technical solutions